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Reviews and News about Darren Simon's First Book
Reviews and News about Darren Simon's First Book
Reviews and News about Darren Simon's First Book
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Welcome to my revamped website, where you can learn a bit about me, my books, upcoming events and some of my ramblings on various issues as they pertain to reading, writing and publishing. You will also find contact information on this website. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions, and I will be happy to respond.

I'd like to thank the Imperial Valley Press, a newspaper near and dear to my heart where I worked as a reporter for fourteen years—and learned to write—for hosting this website.


It's here!

My book, Guardian’s Nightmare, was released Sunday, May 4, by my publisher, Divertir Publishing. It is now available on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com and through my publisher. It retails for $9.95. It will be available on other bookstores and in ebook form as well.

It has been a long-time coming and I am thankful to the editors and staff at Divertir Publishing who have worked so hard with me on the book and have believed in it enough to give it a chance. Now, I am hopeful readers will give the book a chance. While Guardian’s Nightmare is the main book title, the book is part of a series and the series title is, The Last Princess of Latara. Book Two is being edited as we speak, and likely will be released sometime later in 2014 or early in 2015.

I am also looking forward to finding a publisher this year for my young-adult pirate novel, titled The Birthmark Blade.

I am hard at work on other projects, including Book Three of Princess of Latara series, Book Two of the pirate series and a new novel, Recipe for a Hero.

I think 2013 laid the groundwork for my writing career, and let’s hope 2014 proves the breakout year.

About my latest book, Guardian's Nightmare

Charlee Smelton is a thirteen-year-old girl adjusting to her new life in San Francisco. Bullied at school, friendless, she is having trouble just trying to figure out where she belongs. Then, she receives a gift of the most hideous bike she’s ever seen. Despite all efforts, she cannot seem to ditch the heap of scrap metal on two wheels, as if the bike might be something more than it seems. Next come the strange dreams about a princess and a giant knight in some far off mystical land. She soon realizes she has bigger problems than fitting in at school. Ultimately, she will have to discover the truth about who she really is to save herself, her family—the world—from an evil only she can defeat. But will she discover the truth too late?

Welcome to Guardian’s Nightmare the first in a three-part series. The battle has only begun!